A Dream Come True

Donna James - Unit Drawing

Only 1 in 4 households in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area are able to purchase a first-time home. Sadly, too many hardworking, low income families are forced to make inadequate and unstable housing choices for themselves and their children. Families just like Donna’s.

Donna, a single mother to three growing boys, has been living in substandard housing her entire life. Her family currently suffers in an apartment with a leaking roof, holes in the wall, severe water damage, concrete floors, and a doorbell that shorts, causing small electrocutions. With her youngest son afflicted with asthma, Donna has constantly been praying for a healthy home.

Donna has always worked hard to give her sons the best she could provide, working long shifts as a medical office assistant and encouraging her sons to participate in afterschool sports and enrichment programs.  Despite her efforts, she kept hitting road blocks, including the inability to accept a raise in over two years due to income restrictions on her apartment – if she did, her family would be evicted immediately.

This past November, Donna was astonished to learn that she was selected as a partner family to receive a home at 7555 Mission Street, our 36-unit condominium development in Daly City. Today, Donna has already completed 800 hours of sweat equity—well beyond the 500 required. “I don’t see sweat equity as work. I am building a home and a community. It is a dream.”

Donna’s Habitat home offers her and sons hope for a better life in a community – our community –that shares her hard-won values.

Your investment over the past years has been critical, allowing us to build over 200 Habitat homes in our 23 year history. Your gift today is vital as we work diligently to complete Donna and her 35 neighbor’s homes by this coming spring.






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