Global Village

Since 1990, Habitat Greater SF has funded nearly 400 homes abroad through our annual Habitat International tithe. In total, Habitat Greater San Francisco has tithed more than $1 million to communities in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Sri Lanka, Poland, Peru, China and Vietnam.

Habitat Vietnam became our partner affiliate in 2010. Vietnam has a special connection with San Francisco: Ho Chi Minh City, formerly Saigon, is San Francisco's sister city and nearly 150,000 Bay Area residents are Vietnamese immigrants. In order to deepen ties with our partner country, we send our annual Global Village trip to Vietnam.

The annual Global Village trip sends Bay Area residents and Habitat Greater San Francisco supporters to Vietnam to physically help build homes while advocating for better housing and homeownership opportunities.

Read about our most recent trip in our Global Village blog series.

We are not currently accepting applications for this year's trip to Vietnam. To see other Global Village trips hosting by Habitat for Humanity International and other affiliates, click here



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