Homebuyer Readiness


Families who are not quite ready to qualify for our homes have the opportunity to participate in Habitat Greater San Francisco’s Homebuyer Readiness Program (HRP). 

Since the program was introduced in 2010, more than 500 families have attended our three part workshop series that addresses the main causes of disqualifications from the Habitat program: high debt levels and  difficult credit histories. Demystifying credit reports and providing community members with access to financial knowledge and tools helps to make their goals tangible realities. Financial education is a necessary first step towards success.

The workshops are held ten times a year, in a variety of convenient, publically accessible community meetings spaces. The workshops are free to the public and participants can choose to attend one or all of the workshops. Habitat provides real, helpful tools for workshop attendees to move towards financial success, including a credit report with scores and one-on-one personal counseling at no cost. 

These workshops give families tools and resources to make positive changes that will help them achieve financial milestones big and small, from paying down debt to purchasing a home.

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Monique Renee San Miguel
Financial Education Administrator
Phone: 415-625-1012
Fax: 415-625-1815


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