Homebuyer Readiness


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August 2015

Thank you for your interest. Classes are canceled for August. Please keep a look out for September dates in Redwood City!

Additional resources to help you prepare for homeownership can be found through the First Time Homebuyer Certificate process

Call us at 415-625-1011 for questions about upcoming workshops or our homeownership process.



Understanding Credit

In this workshop participants explore how credit is defined, established, and maintained while contextualizing how credit has become an instrumental tool in today’s financial arena. We address how a credit score is calculated, the definition of good credit, how to read and understand a credit report, and the collection timeline for various accounts.  Free credit reports, scores and report write-ups are available upon request, as well as free one-on-one appointments to provide client-specific suggestions.

Debt Management

Our second workshop provides the answer key to debt resolution. We classify different kinds of debt (including credit cards, collection accounts, taxes, child support, and personal, student, and payday loans), and describe the appropriate ways to resolve accounts that have fallen behind. We discuss various ways to reduce debt (while increasing credit scores!) based on the type of debt a consumer has, and learn the benefits and drawbacks of debt management and debt settlement. 

Money & Savings

The third workshop focuses on useful strategies to create and maintain a sustainable budget.  Our ‘Creating a Budget’ tools provide useful savings and money management tips to help participants identify their goals and get on track. This workshop also redefines negative connotations of words like ‘budget’ and ‘money management’ so they can be seen as enabling tools instead of disabling restrictions. We also look beyond traditional savings accounts to the advantages of compound interest and the importance of saving options such as IDA accounts and pre-tax savings options.


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