Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative

Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco’s Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative (NRI) enables the organization to revitalize and improve communities in our service area. Launched in 2011, the NRI program responds to community identified needs through partnerships with community residents and nearby organizations.

Through partnering with grass-roots non-profit organizations, government agencies, academic institutions and private foundations, the NRI program consults with community residents to determine the specific needs of that community, focusing on improving the built environment. Whether it is repairing a homeowner's roof, refurbishing a youth center, or helping to create a community garden, these actions help to transform under-served neighborhoods into vibrant places to live.

Initially, Habitat Greater San Francisco is focusing its efforts within the San Francisco Bayview neighborhood, with the larger goal to rehabilitate and renovate 50 community facilities and 200 homes in San Francisco and the Peninsula by 2020.

Services Offered

  • Home repairs for low-income homeowners in need
  • Community facility repairs
  • Parks beautification
  • Homebuyer Readiness Workshops


For more information please contact Sara Brissenden-Smith at or (415) 625-1046



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