Material Donations

Thank you for considering making a materials donation to Habitat Greater San Francisco. Gifts of materials help offset our costs and allow us to put more funding towards building more homes.

Building Materials, Household Appliances and Furniture
The ReStore is a volunteer-driven home improvement store that accepts donations of new and gently used building materials, appliances and furniture. All proceeds are used to fund Habitat Greater San Francisco's building projects and programs. For a complete list of the items the ReStore accepts, click here. To schedule a pick-up, click here.

The construction department is happy to accept sponsorships of large donations from manufacturers, distributors or developers for use in our homes. We prefer large quantity donations that can be used in at least six homes, including but not limited to new Energy Star appliances and new building materials. Email for more information.

If you would like to donate a smaller quantity, you can donate to our ReStore.

Food, Wine, Décor, and Event Space
Habitat Greater San Francisco hosts several events every year, including new home dedications, galas and volunteer appreciation parties. Donations of food, beverages, décor and more help us hold these important events while saving funds that can be used for building homes. Email for more information.

Give to Our Homeowners
Our new homeowners appreciate a variety of donations that make the transition to their new home easier and more meaningful. We gladly accept gift cards and event tickets for our partner families. Email for more information. For household appliances or furniture, consider giving to our ReStore, which supports our home-building efforts.

If you would like to make an in-kind donation we haven't included here, please email with more details. To determine if your donation will be tax deductible, please see the following resources.


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