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Back to School with Habitat GSF

Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco’s unique affordable home ownership program grants partner families the ability to provide a stable home environment, which has a positive impact on their children’s performance in school.

San Francisco, Marin and the Peninsula are home to beautiful, sprawling hills, eclectic communities and an extremely high cost of living. For most families, home ownership is not an option.

Children from ownership homes are 116% more likely to graduate college (Boehm & Schlottmann, University of Tennessee). Lauren Stoxen, the Outreach Coordinator in the Homeowner Development Department, has seen the effect homeownership has on families. “Having the opportunity to own a home changes the trajectory of our partner families—and especially their children’s--futures. Home ownership is instrumental in breaking the cycle of poverty from one generation to the next,” said Stoxen.

The impact of home ownership is often overlooked and underestimated. However, a recent study sponsored by Johns Hopkins University suggests that owning a home may have a larger effect on a family than originally thought.

“The strongest and most consistent effect of home ownership is on educational attainment,” according to the Hopkins study, “A child who always lived in an owned home is estimated to achieve nearly half a year of school more than a child whose parents were always renters. The likelihoods of graduating from high school and of attending college are both about 10 percent higher for children who always lived in an owned home.”

Habitat GSF is also excited to be able to provide partner families with laptops though a partnership with Redemtech. To date, Habitat GSF and Redemtech have provided 71 partner families with refurbished laptops, which are being used by their students from grade school to college. Families are most excited to be able to use their laptops for email, homework researching new opportunities and staying in touch with family far away."