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Top Ten Reasons to Volunteer at the ReStore

Recently, some of our office staff volunteered together at HabitatGSF’s newest endeavor—the ReStore. Located in sunny San Carlos, the ReStore is a volunteer-driven home improvement store that sells new and used building materials, appliances and furniture at a fraction of the retail price.

Our ReStore is scheduled to open on September 22 and we need volunteers to help whip the store into ship-shape. If that’s not enough motivation, we’ve also compiled ten additional reasons to volunteer at the ReStore.

1. Jaimi:

Our ReStore manager Jaimi joined us from the Portland affiliate last December and has put her heart and soul into getting the ReStore ready for opening on September 22. Jaimi is awesome, super passionate and has the most infectious laughter that brightens your day. Need we say more?

2. First dibs:

The ReStore opening is only 9 days away. This means that we have tons of high-quality discounted furniture, appliances and hardware material donations pouring in. From boudoirs to bookcases, stovetops to screws--use your volunteering time as an excuse to scope out some of the awesome deals and form a plan of action to knock some things off (or add some things to) your “honey-do” list.

3. No hard hat-hair:

We’ve all seen it--the tell-tale line across the forehead, the grimacing expressions, inevitable hat hair and the occasional head bang as volunteers and staff alike step through (read: into) scaffolding. Hardhats are a necessary evil in the world of construction, but in the world of head accessories—they’re just plain evil. Lucky for you, the ReStore is a hard hat free zone--giving your hair and your head a welcome break.

4. Vale:

Vale, our ReStore donation pick-up driver, is known among the Habitat GSF staff as the “MacGyver of repurposing,” and that’s not an exaggeration. Meet Vale and be dazzled as he turns nails into belt buckles, or wood scraps into countertops and come away with many Pinterest-worthy repurposing ideas for your own home!

5. Premier parking, fast food and plenty of sun:
Our ReStore is located at 1411 Industrial Road in San Carlos—a short jaunt down Highway 101. It’s always sunny in San Carlos, there’s plenty of parking, and did we mention there’s an In-N-Out Burger located right down the road? Perfect for satisfying your animal-style cravings.

6. The benefits of working inside:

So you want to volunteer with Habitat but you burn easily in the sun, you find Daly City to be too chilly or scaffolding just isn’t your thing. Regardless of your reason, preparing the ReStore allows volunteers to try their hand at some indoor repairs and installations—you know, stuff you could actually try at home with a low risk of self-injury. Working indoors also gives our cold natured, acrophobic and/or fair-skinned friends the opportunity to get involved.

7. Michael:

He’s tall, strong, awesome and did we mention he sings? Michael is an AmeriCorps alum and our ReStore donations procurement analyst which means he’s got the inside scoop on new items coming into the ReStore. If discounts, home repair and/or cut-off sleeves are your thing, he’s a good person to know.

8. It’s a good workout:

Tired of your typical gym routine? Looking for a way to volunteer and get fit? In preparation for opening day on September 22, volunteers have been busy emptying tons of storage booths containing awesomely heavy furniture. Who needs dumbbells when you have dressers?

9. It’s green!
Because the ReStore re-sells used items and materials, it prevents them from being discarded in landfills. These items are also sold at a discounted price. Thus, keeping the Bay Area green and your bank account happy!

10. Restore the ReStore; Restore your home; Restore your community.

All proceeds from the ReStore support Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco’s ability to provide affordable homeownership to families in our community. Volunteers also help to keep prices affordable for families that can’t afford typical home improvement materials.

Interested in learning more about volunteering at the ReStore? Check out our website! The opening day celebration is scheduled for September 22 from 10am-11 am with the store open for purchase from 11am-5pm.