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7x7 Magazine's Favorite San Francisco Charity Contest

Earlier this Fall we were nominated as one of San Francisco's favorite charities, thanks to a contest sponsored by 7x7 Magazine and Pacific Gas and Electric Company. Decided entirely by community votes, you helped us make the cut for the top 49, and now the top seven.

The Bay Area housing market is known for being one of the most competitive among US markets. That fact, coupled with the high cost of living in California, means that there are countless families hoping, wishing and waiting for the opportunity of homeownership and all the wishes it grants, from a family dog to a college education.

As one of the finalists we’re guaranteed to win a $2,000 grant, but there is still $10,000 at stake for the grand-prize winner. Winning the $10,000 grant would enable us to fund new projects and find new routes to grow our community impact, ensuring that we reach as many deserving families in Marin, San Francisco and the Peninsula as possible.

Our success, in this endeavor and all our others, depends on our steadfast community united behind the idea that everyone deserves a safe and decent place to live. We already know we have some of the best volunteers, donors, homeowners and community members in the Greater San Francisco region. We’re calling on you to help win this contest to not only strengthen that reputation but also bring more awareness to the issue of affordable home ownership in our community—a cause for which we all work tirelessly.

The final round of voting ends today at 5 pm. Please continue to vote all day for your favorite San Francisco charity--we hope its us!