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Pssst... wanna get a deal at the ReStore?

What do customers say about the ReStore? “I love this store, it’s like heaven!” When you shop at the ReStore, you help us raise funds for homes—which is why we have a strict no-haggling policy. That doesn’t mean there aren’t tricks to scoring an extra deal, though! Shopping at the ReStore is a treasure hunt – and a bit of a competition – to find the perfect piece at a best price. Sometimes, it can feel overwhelming. To give you an insider’s perspective on how to win at the ReStore, our staff and volunteers put our heads together and came up with these tips just for you:


Shop the first day that we’re open on a new month.

We do our monthly markdowns at the beginning of the month, so full-price products become 25% off, 50% off becomes 75% off…and more and more. The color of the item’s price tag indicates its discount. Be sure to ask the cashier for a “cheat sheet” when you come in. We think of it as a treasure map to savings.


Join our Frequent Buyer Program.

Make 10 purchases over $25 dollars (one per day), and you get to shop our monthly markdowns (see #1) a day early. This way, you beat the rush and secure that mid-century modern credenza you’ve been watching for an additional 25% percent off before anyone else does.



Volunteers who help out for at least 50 hours at the ReStore get just some of our appreciation in the form of a 20% off discount. This 20% off is in addition to any other discounts (see above)! Volunteers also get to see the product as it comes in, but there’s a catch to keep things fair for customers: all new items must be on the sales floor for at least a full business day before volunteers or staff members can purchase them.


Follow the ReStore on Facebook and INSTAGRAM, or subscribe to our ReStore e-News.

We announce upcoming sales, overstock alerts, favorite new items and special discount days for groups like teachers, veterans and seniors via these channels. For example, if you follow us on any of these, you know that we got 250 brand new lighting fixtures from Mars Lighting in San Francisco. We also surprise our followers with coupons and promotions, but you’ve got to stay in loop to get them!


Meet us on the road.

We’re at farmers markets and trade shows all over the area, and we’re usually giving away coupons or raffling off gift certificates. You can also join the San Carlos Adventure Run to score coupons, or attend an in-store event for more goodies. Like our Facebook page for these updates.


Last but not least, shop often!

We unload new items every day. It’s common to see our regular customers in the store every week… sometimes every day. While we have big plans to make our current inventory more accessible to our customers, for now we’re just a hardworking team of dedicated volunteers and staff doing our best to keep up with the incredible volume of donations we receive (everyday, our receiving area fills to the ceiling with donations, we clean and price and move them to the floor…and it fills to the ceiling again. Good problem to have!). We want our shoppers to have a fantastic experience at the store, and for now the best way is to come in often to see if what we have is just what you've been looking for.

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