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Habitat Terrace Home Dedication Recap

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Last month, we welcomed home our newest Habitat homeowners to Habitat Terrace located in San Francisco’s Ocean View neighborhood! The home dedication ceremony was an exciting and emotional day our new Habitat homeowners who received the keys to their homes.


The development of 28 single-family homes brings much-needed affordable housing to the neighborhood, which ranks as one of the lowest-ranking districts for new affordable housing developments.


Our CEO, Maureen Sedonaen, spoke about the journey of making Habitat Terrace a reality for our new families.


Habitat Terrace was purchased as a vacant lot in 2012 and more than 234,000 volunteer hours went into bringing the development to life. We are proud to have built these homes for and with the community, welcoming San Francisco corporations, civic-minded individuals, neighborhood volunteers, faith partners and future homeowners to build alongside our AmeriCorps volunteers and staff.


Many of our new homeowners are longtime San Franciscans who have been in the city from anywhere between 7 to 38 years! Our families were ecstatic to be able to remain in San Francisco - the city where they have built close-knit communities, grew their careers and where they school their children.


We were honored to have Salesforce.org’s CEO, Rob Acker, speak at our home dedication about Salesforce’s commitment to Habitat and the community. Salesforce contributed over 5,000 volunteer hours just to Habitat Terrace!Rob-Acker-SalesForce-Habitat-for-Humanity-053688-edited.jpg

 Salesforce.org's CEO, Rob Acker, sharing their deep commitment to volunteerism.


Fourteen year-old Marie, who's the daughter of our homeowner, shared her family's personal journey to finding affordable housing in San Francisco. So, what's Marie most excited about when moving in? She cannot wait to help pick out the decorations for their new home and cook meals together as a family.


 Daughter of a Habitat homeowner, Marie, shared her family's personal story to finding affordable housing.


Habitat Terrace homeowner, Liling, has been in San Francisco for 17 years and is a single mother of three kids. Liling shared her story about living in an affordable rental apartment with an income cap and how if she were to get a promotion at work, this could jeopardize her housing situation. Liling was elated to get the keys to her home and finally have a stable place to call home. 




 New Habitat Terrace homeowner, Liling, and her son featured at the home dedication ceremony.


Jennifer and her husband have lived in San Francisco for 20 years. Jennifer shared how it was like winning the “Power Ball” when they were selected for their Habitat home and able to remain in their longtime city, close to their immediate families and friends. In fact, the San Francisco Chronicle recently featured Jennifer’s story, highlighting the importance of keeping children and families in San Francisco.



Jennifer speaking at the ceremony with her family by her side.


We're so thankful to everyone who came out to help welcome home our new families at Habitat Terrace! We could not do our work without the support of our dedicated volunteers, families, donors, partners and staff. We appreciate you!


Are you looking to volunteer? Habitat always has volunteer opportunities available! To learn more, click here.


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