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How It Feels to Hold a Future Homeowner's Fate in Your Hands

Holding 411 Homes


What was it like to watch people react to a real-time home lottery? Homeowner Development Manager and Habitat homeowner Angelica Resendez recollects:

Today, we held the lottery for 11 homes that Habitat is building in San Francisco. We received 411 applications for these 11 homes. It was my responsibility to randomly pick and call out all 411 numbers out of the box, which would determine the order in which the applications would be processed... This was quite emotional for me; in fact, early on, I decided not to make eye contact with those present. I knew that some would walk out of there with hope and excitement, while others would leave with disappointment and frustation - all because they want to have a home of their own.

Please take a moment to reflect on how much of an impact having a stable home has had in your own life. And if you're like my own family, or the many others locally, nationally, and globally, that have experienced or are experiencing instability, overcrowding, substandard housing, and a high cost burden, then you know why HOUSING MATTERS

At Habitat, we're working hard so that more of the deserving families who apply for our homes will get an opportunity to purchase one like my family did. You can help us meet the overwhelming need to let more people purchase safe and affordable homes by volunteering or donating today to Habitat Greater San Francisco today.


The housing lottery, which determines the order in which applications will be reviewed, is just one step in the process of owning a Habitat home. This means family #1 does not automatically get a home, just like family #411 is not automatically disqualified. If you applied for a home, you can see the results of the lottery here.

We'll notify those who applied about whether or not they qualified as their applications are reviewed. 




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