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From an early age, Dina understood the power and strength of women. Her mother was the first of her family to emigrate to the U.S. in 1986 to avoid the atrocities from the El Salvador Civil War. All alone in a foreign country with no friends and little understanding of the English language, she started work right away, all while pregnant. She aimed to set up a home and life for the rest of her family who were still living in her war-torn home country.

Within two years, the rest of her family received political asylum and moved to the U.S. when Dina was 7 years old. Since then, Dina has worked tirelessly to give her three children a better future — the same way her mother did. She works full time, while taking care of her three children. The pursuit of happiness and stability is what motivates Dina.

“Strong women have the will to go out and work hard," says Dina.

Dina became a single mother after the birth of her first child,  so she’s always had to work extra hard to create stability. Hoping for a space of her own, Dina applied for a Habitat home. When she became a Habitat homeowner in 2012, she instantly felt a huge weight off her shoulders. Dina was thrilled to stay in her neighborhood  in fact, her Habitat home is just a few blocks from her mother’s house.

Dina believes that “Habitat made me stronger and into the person I am today.”

As a Habitat family, Dina supports Habitat Greater San Francisco in many ways. She volunteers at our annual Framing the Future gala to attends our special fundraising events, like our first-ever Color Run this past April!

“I always want to help, just to give a little thank you. If my story helps Habitat, why not?”

"Habitat made me stronger and into the person I am today."

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