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The Security of a Home

When Edith looks into the eyes of her students, she sees her 25 year-old son, Ulisses, who shares similar special needs as her students.

It has been a longtime dream for Edith to become a teacher and make an impact by teaching children who are just like her son. Edith is also bilingual and noticed that there was a need for Spanish-speaking teachers to serve this very population in her community.

As a mother of three, Edith raised her family while going to college over the course of 10 years. She became a Habitat homeowner in 2008 and with predictable housing payments, she was able to save for the first time. This allowed her to go back to school and earn a Bachelor’s degree in Child Adolescent Development and a Master’s in Special Education. This past May, Edith proudly graduated from San Francisco State University.

"If it was not for Habitat, my life would have been focused on surviving. And, here I am today with a Master’s Degree and my children are thriving, and I am able to pursue my passion for teaching, which allows me to give back to my community and helps provide meaning for my life."

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