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We’re big fans of building community

Through Habitat Greater San Francisco, strangers turn into fast friends when they volunteer at a worksite or move into their new Habitat homes – homes many of them own for decades. But, creating a sense of community extends beyond building houses and revitalizing neighborhoods.

Ultimately, standing with our neighbors is simple, but its impact cannot be underestimated. We can all show up for each other by investing our time and capital into the towns and cities we call home. By going out of our way to care for those around us. And, by greeting the people just beyond our doorstep.

You can join the "I Stand With My Neighbor" movement by taking the 7-week good neighbor pledge, with easy weekly actions to further community beyond your doorstep, or donating to further critical home repairs and new construction for hardworking local families.

Together, we can ensure that all of our neighbors - no matter their income level or background – can continue to stay in our community and help keep the diversity of our beloved Bay Area alive.

Sign up for the 7 week pledge and receive easy weekly actions to further community right beyond your doorstep!

Make a gift today!

Woman helps as volunteers rake her backyard
Woman gardens in her local community
Man helps repair a home