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Did you know that your company might match your gift and/or volunteer hours to Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco? Matching gifts allow you to double (or even triple) the impact of your donation, and volunteer grants are an easy way to 
give a monetary contribution to Habitat—without paying a penny from your own pocket! 

Just follow these easy steps to increase your impact! Use the search field below to see if your employer participates in a matching gift and/or volunteer grant program. If they do, simply donate to or volunteer with Habitat and your employer will match your gift and/or volunteer hours to Habitat! 
Your past donations to Habitat may be matched as well.


See if your employer will match your donation!


Many workplaces make it simple for employees to make one-time or ongoing donations directly through their paycheck. Ask your employer or human resources department to see how you can donate through your paycheck.

If your workplace participates in giving campaigns, you may be able to choose Habitat Greater San Francisco to receive your donation! Here are some of the campaigns that are eligible to donate to us: 

Interested in starting your own workplace giving campaign? We are happy to partner with your company! Habitat Greater San Francisco can support your workplace campaign with information about our work and services, giveaways, and presentations from local staff. Just contact landerson@habitatgsf.org to learn how to get started.


What are employee matching gift programs?

Employee matching gift programs are an easy way to increase the impact of your donation to Habitat Greater San Francisco! If your employer participates in workplace giving programs, you may be able to get your gift matched. Some employers even match the gifts of spouses or retirees.

For example, when you donate $25, your employer will match that gift and your donation will transform into $50!

Check the Double the Donation search field to learn more.

What are volunteer grant programs?

Volunteer grant programs allow eligible nonprofits to be paid out for your volunteer hours. It's a simple way to give a monetary contribution to Habitat Greater San Francisco—without paying a penny from your own pocket! Companies typically donate the value of a hourly rate of $20 to $30.

Check the Double the Donation search field to learn more.

How do I request a matching gift?

Requesting a matching gift is typically a quick five-minute process. To get started, use the Double the Donation search field to learn about your company's specific information about submitting a matching form. You can complete the request by filling out a match form online or a paper form.

Are there deadlines for submitting my matching gift request?

Most companies have matching gift request deadlines. Typically, deadlines are either the end of the calendar year, a set number of months from the date of the donation, or the end of January or February of the year following when the donation was made. If you made a donation to Habitat a while back, it might still be eligible for a match!

Ask your employer or human resources department to learn about deadlines for matching gift request submissions.

What if I don't see my employer listed?

There’s still a chance they will match your gift! Thousands of companies have Matching Gift programs in place.

Check with your employer or Human Resources (HR) Department to find out if they have matching gift and/or volunteer grant programs in place.

Who do I contact if I have any questions?

We're here to help! Please contact Carmen Robinson at matchinggifts@habitatgsf.org for any questions.

What is Habitat Greater San Francisco's Tax Employer Identification Number (EIN)?

Our EIN is 943088881.