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Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco's Playhouse Program is a fun and meaningful way to volunteer with friends and colleagues, while raising funds for Habitat Greater San Francisco and benefiting community partners and local families. We work side by side with teams of volunteers to construct and paint children’s playhouses that are donated to local Habitat families, veteran and active duty military personnel families, and other local nonprofits serving children in need.




Our Playhouse Program is a unique opportunity that allows Habitat volunteers to come together to work as a team and build playhouses for local families and community partners.

Groups can choose a location of their choice, and we can provide a “pop up” playhouse build. We require a lead time of 6 to 8 weeks for this volunteer opportunity.

Each playhouse is pre-cut and ready for volunteers to assemble the structure together. After they are carefully constructed and painted, Habitat donates the playhouses to local Habitat families, veteran and active duty military personnel families, and other local nonprofits serving children in need.


What are the requirements for volunteering?
You must be able to cover the sponsorship costs, which offset the cost of building materials and help fund our construction projects.



Can any groups schedule and build playhouses?
Yes. All types of groups are welcome to build playhouses.


Is there an age limit?
All volunteers must be at least 16 years old.


Is there a limit on group size?
Yes. Each individual playhouse allows for a maximum of 10 volunteers. 


Can we build more than one playhouse?
Yes. You can build up to six playhouses per shift.


How long is each shift?
Three hours per playhouse. Construction work hours are generally limited to 8:30am to 4:30pm.


Does Habitat provide all tools, materials, and training?
Yes. We will provide all tools, materials, and training for groups.


Will Habitat's staff be on-site?
Yes. Habitat staff members will be on site to lead and instruct the build day.


How do I become a regular volunteer for the playhouse build crew?
We're always looking for regular volunteers! If interested, please contact volunteer@habitatgsf.org.



Who receives the playhouses?
Habitat selects local nonprofit organizations and families to receive completed playhouses. In the past, completed playhouses were donated to Faces SFGlide, YMCA SF, and other local nonprofits.

How do I receive a playhouse?
To see if you're eligible to receive a playhouse, or for more partnership information, please contact volunteer@habitatgsf.org.


If you have any questions or comments, please contact volunteer@habitatgsf.org.