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About Neighborhood Revitalization (NR)

Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco’s Neighborhood Revitalization program aims to extend our work into the neighborhoods where we build — delivering critical home repairs, renovating community assets, and beautifying parks and gardens to improve the health, safety, and well-being of residents in our two focus neighborhoods: San Francisco's Bayview neighborhood and East Palo Alto.

Our home repair program delivers critical home repairs to long-time, low-income homeowners to help maintain the legacy of their home. Our community facilities repair program makes renovations to community assets, like schools and youth clinics, to ensure that everyone can get access to services they need. Our park and garden beautification program helps improve parks and community gardens to make them cleaner, safer, and more accessible for those who live nearby. Our Building Blocks program is our blitz-style event that rallies volunteers over three days to deliver critical home repairs, help beautify parks and gardens, or renovate community facilities.

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