Giving back has always been a part of Yolanda’s ethos. As a nurse for the county, Yolanda started a food program for San Francisco’s sobering center. She helped raise her niece and nephew who live next door, after their mother died. And she opens her door most days to her whole community to fill to-go boxes with her specialties: Coca-Cola braised ribs, apple-pie in a skillet, chicken wings and a famous 7-Up bundt cake.

But when a flood badly damaged the home she has lived in for decades, her life, and those of all the people she helps every day, was disrupted. She couldn’t host her community for daily meals, watch her grandkids or be close enough to her niece and nephew for them to spot by for love and support. Then Yolanda applies for a home repair through our Neighborhood Revitalization program.

 The Habitat team rebuilt the crumbling back exterior wall to Yolanda’s house, fixed neglected electrical wires and added a new staircase leading to her back door. For the first-time, Yolanda had a second exit in case of emergencies. After these repairs were completed, Yolanda was able to move back in – and the first thing she did was start cooking again for everyone.



"I don’t give expecting to get. I do it because it’s in my heart to give. But then when you’re blessed with Habitat…it puts everything in perspective. It makes me want to be part of the family…and share my love."


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